SocialPrints - "You print we publish". SocialPrints is a service provider that allows it's clients to build and interlink social networks to boost there brand and interact with there clients more...

First 300 users per platform FREE*


About Us

We specialize in creating software and systems technology to suit YOUR needs to build your business/brand on the social platforms your customers are using.

SocialPrint is not an App based service but rather a service that is available on the platforms your users are ALREADY using.

SocialPrint can be used to:

  • Interact with your existing client base. (Running different campains over multiple platforms - we can help centralising posting to platforms).
  • Creating user forms and survays for your users.
  • User/client interactions.
  • Location based networking.

How to register for the service

Register and complete a simple guided interactive process.


All white-labled projects will be customised to include your logo and own BOT on selected platform.

Social content on vehicle plates

Platform your users can enquire the NPS database for suspisious numberplates.

Location based networking

Location based user management IM toolset.

Facial recognition and manage own facial dataset

Create manage and control own or public facial datasets.

New BOT registration

If you are a group administrator and are interested in using our code contact us for a demo.

Login section

Login to the BOT control page is limited to group administrators only. For security reasons it is only available from their IM platform by sending /control to the BOT they control.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q. What are the requirements for using this service?

    SocialPrints is available on all major instant messaging platforms.

    Register for this service and start using it today.

  • Q. How much does it cost?

    Free for all users*

    Group/BOT administrators only pay R48 per 300 users (first 300 are free).

  • Q. How to register for this service?

    If you are a group manager and are interested in using this BOT contact us to set-up your own BOT now..







For general questions, fill out form below or send an email to [email protected]